Friday, March 19, 2010


This page will be updated with original material and with links to essays Percy commends to the reader concerning liturgy and its uses and abuses.

About Percy is an introduction to the New Parson's Handbook.

I Don't Believe in Worship (1) questions the contemporary use of the term 'worship' and asserts the necessity of certain core elements in Christian liturgy.

I Don't Believe in Worship (2) reflects on the biblical roots of Christian worship and suggests the centrality of Eucharist and Daily Prayer, as opposed to generic 'worship services'.

Changing the Oils traces the origins of the current form of Chrism Eucharist and suggests reform.

The Date of Christmas discusses the origins of the December 25 (and January 6) date of Christmas. A version of this essay, somewhat freely edited by the publisher of Bible Review where it appeared, attracts some annual interest on the Biblical Archaeology Review web-site.

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